Instructional Material: Don Domes: Class Scoring Guide

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Robotics One -- Class Scoring Guide:


Note: The following is a general guide for the work and points earned in 8 weeks of 70-minute class opportunities. Students are welcome to put in additional time outside of the normal class period. Time management is extremely important. Your team must perform the team activities. There are also several activities that you can complete as an individual. We highly suggest that try to complete team activities whenever the team members are present and use individual activities to fill in when someone on your team is absent or not available.


Team Challenge Activities:


Note: In each challenge the proper operation of your solution with a robot is worth half of the points. The commenting of you programs is worth the other half of the points. If only one person on a team completes the work the other team member does not automatically get the points and they may be required to compete the challenge on their own. Teamwork is very important. The points should be awarded based on the work and effort put in by each member of the team. Team challenges should be completed in the order presented below:


Points Team Challenge Name – See detailed rules for explanations


1. Incline Plane Challenge


2. Can Do Challenge


3. Repetitive L – Accuracy Challenge


4. Three Squares – Accuracy Challenge


5. FLL Challenge Table


Individual Challenge Activities:


Note: These can be completed in any order:


Points Individual Challenge Name – See detailed rules for explanations


Gears Worksheet – get a gears kit for the parts


Robot Control – you are welcome to use our pre-built robot


Line Follower – you are welcome to use our pre-built robot


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