Challenge: CanDo Basic

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The field consists of a 36” diameter white circle with a black border. Inside this circle are placed five “cans”. Your robot must move at least three of these cans outside of the circle within two minutes while keeping them upright.

The field looks something like this:

Rules and Procedures: 
  1. Robots must start completely inside the Start Box.  None of their parts can extend out past the start box until “Run” is pressed.
  2. Robots must push the cans out of the circle
  3. A can is counted out the moment it is completely over the boundary circle.  It must be standing upright when released by the robot.
  4. Touching or signaling a robot during a round disqualifies it from finishing the rest of the round.  Cans already outside the circle are counted.
  5. Robots may use the area just outside the ring for turning only
  6. Each round is two minutes long
  7. If a robot is stuck outside the boundary circle for more than 15 seconds, the round is over and the cans are counted
Grading Guide: 

100 RoboBucks

Education Level: 
HW Platform: 
SW Platform: