Challenge: Wall Climber

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Build a robot that can climb over a brick wall.

Rules and Procedures: 
  • The robot may not be any more than 5” high when the run button is pressed.
  • You can’t touch the robot again until after it is over the wall.
  • It may not leave any parts or ramps behind and must start out flat on the ground (it can’t be on a platform)./li>
Grading Guide: 
  • 1 brick – 100 RoboBucks (no bonuses)
  • 2 bricks – 500 RoboBucks
  • 3 bricks – 750 RoboBucks
  • 4 bricks – 1000 RoboBucks

These are not independent payments. If your robot just made it over two bricks, you’ll only get 250 additional RoboBucks if it makes it over three.

A bonus of 200 RoboBucks will be paid if the robot is still in one piece and operational once it gets over the highest wall it is intended to climb.

Education Level: 
HW Platform: 
SW Platform: