Classroom Resource: Robotics Program Planning Outline

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Day One Introductions, review parent letter, give brief outline of robotics program, hand out interest survey, discuss basic LEGO parts, give time for students to look through the LEGO pieces.
Day Two Announce team members, have teams make a basic robot following directions in book that came with the kit.

Day Three --?

From here on,

the teams go on their

own pace.

Finish Roverbot and start listening to either RCX or NXT Tutorials depending on which set the team is using.
Listen and complete the Essentials section of the tutorial. Each completion of the challenges listed in the tutorial results in Robobucks earned by each team mate.
Announce the FLL challenge information when it is available, review board when it arrives.
Have teams decide on team name, put together team notebook including: copies of FLL Challenges, Research Project, Team Creed, Minnesota First LEGO League
Complete Can Do Challenge
Begin deciding on which challenge they will work on first.
  Begin working on research for the project.