Instruction Guide: Closure for a LEGO based class - under construction

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The following tasks to complete, assume the creation of a seperate container of LEGO parts used exclusively for a science with sensors:

A. Sub-Kit for Sensors class includes:

  • Brick, battery, wires, sensors, motors, a flash drive


B. Main LEGO parts kits

  1. Resort lego kits, then inventory using templates.
  2. Have students return excess parts to an spare parts stockpile or kit.
  3. Have students identify # and type of parts they are missing.
  4. Reconstitute the kits so they all have the same expected inventory.


C. Gettting Equipment back to start condition:

  • Charge the NXT batteries,
  • Delete the NXT memory, Delete or Reformat thumb drives if you use them.
  • Clear any files students save on the PC's.

D. Inventory renewable energy add-on kit. Re-Charge the E-meter cells.