Team: Hillsboro High School Robotics Club

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What this site is about...

Well, obviously this web site is about the robotics club at Hilhi. If you'd looked at the first heading you'd know that. ;-) LOL

This website is mostly about how the robotics club is cool and fun. Basically after you finish looking through this website you'll really want to join.

*The Most Important Link you should know:

Have a Nice Time (Looking Through This Website)!!!!


No, I'm just kidding there is no rivalry between these two. Both of these are just different levels in the Robotics club at Hilhi. FLL stands for First Lego League and it is for kids 9-14, basically just freshmen. FTC stands for First Tech Challenge and is for kids ages 13-18.

For more on FLL and FTC, visit

And there's also JFLL if your little brother or sister between the ages of 6 and 9 is interested in robotics. You can also find more info. on that in the link above.

Teams,Coaches, and Mentors


  • Rachael
  • Hannah
  • Daphne
  • Jessica
  • Marina

We're in FLL, or were. After the last tournament we stopped. Most people asked us why our team was called X squared, cubed. Well, it's because girls have two X chromosomes and our team is an all girl team. Also, originally there wwas only 3 girls in the team, so that's why it was cubed. Then there were 5 girls on the team because the team added Jessica and me, Marina. Our coach was Mr. Domes and our team mentor was Pranava. Mr. Domes is a teacher at Hilhi. He teaches Architecture & Interior Design, Drafting, and Robotics. Pranava works at Intel. She's really cool and believes there should be more women engineers.

Robo Sparts

  • Nick Jensen
  • Isaac Richfield

<3 (it's supposed to make a heart)

  • Lillian Olney
  • Tony Schuh
  • Kacey Luty
  • Brandon Massoni


  • Hung Trihn
  • David Teeter
  • Brayden Hollis

*Hoan Le is not in any team, but he likes to hang out after school and help the teams.

These three teams are on FTC. Their coach is Mr. Domes. FYI: he's everybody's coach. Their mentor is Mr. Manny. He is a retired engineer from Intel.

How to Contact Us

Mr. Domes~
(503)-844-1980 xt.3893

Other than Mr.Domes there isn't anybody else to really contact except for Mr. Manny, the FTC mentor, and some of the FTC team members, which some of you might know. But I think it's best if you just contact Mr.Domes and you can always find him in his classroom in the commons, room TE2(there's two doors).




Get into robotics. If you're a freshman, you should know that there is no FLL team at this moment so if you want to start a team contact Mr.Domes.

OR.. There might be an FTC team that you want to join.

OR... again, you can make a new FTC team.

I Promise You It Is Very FUN!