Instructional Material: EV3 - Faraday Golfing Machine

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The attached PowerPoint presentation introduces Faraday's Law and presents a challenge for students to create a Faraday Golfing Machine as a culmination of the EV3 First Build lesson.

Also attached are the Lego Digital Designer .lxf files for the sample builds in this PowerPoint presentation ( Lego Digital Designer installation file is available here).

NOTE: The link above is to the latest version of LDD.  If you have problems with this version, try this link to the older version 9 - this is no longer supported/updated, but has all the EV3 parts built in.

If you wish to see only the parts in your EV3 kit in the palette, select your theme to be "LEGO MINDSTORMS" (under "View" on the top menu bar) and then select your desired kit from the "Filter bricks by boxes" icon (at the bottom of the Bricks Palette).

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