Challenge: Inclined plane

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A student is to build a robot to move up and down a hill.

Rules and Procedures: 

Challenge Board:

  • A white project board that is at least 18 inches wide by 40 inches long.
  • Two black lines are placed 6-8 inches from the short edge. The lines should be parallel to the edge.
  • Place the board on a flat surface. Raise one end so the board has a 40 degree slope.

Challenge Rules:

  • The Robot is to start on the flat surface at least 3 inches away from the lower edge of the challenge board.
  • The Robot is to move forward and pass the first line. It can now start counting laps.
  • A lap is moving to the top line and then returning to the bottom line.
  • The Robot must complete three laps before moving off the board and returning to its' starting location.
Grading Guide: 

The maximum possible number of points is 100.

  • Each lap is 25 points (max of 75pts).
  • Moving onto the board is 10 points
  • Returning to the starting position at the end of the run is worth 15 points.

You may have unlimited practice runs on the board. Once you are ready for a scored run, your instructor will observe and mark your score. You have a total of three attemps at a scored run. Your best score will be your grade for this challenge.

Education Level: 
HW Platform: 
SW Platform: