Answer Sheet: EV3 - Under Construction SwitchLoops Assessment

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1. This new Orchard Challenge has obstacles placed throughout the challenge. There were no obstacles in the original Orchard Challenge.

2. The Switch-Loop allows the program to specify one set of instructions if there is an obstacle detected and another set of instructions if there is not obstacle detected.

3. Sensor and Logic inputs can both control the Loop, or it can be set to run forever

4. The robot will not be checking the Rotation Sensor inn time and the robot may not stop. The Wait Blocks hold up the program and the Rotation Sensor is not always checked in time.

5.Ziffle’s program will not detect obstacles constantly.  Since the Move block on the “far” branch is set to move for a fixed number of rotations, the robot will move forward this set amount before it checks the Ultrasonic Sensor again.  For continuous obstacle detection, Ziffle needs to set the “far” Move block with unlimited duration.