Instruction Guide: EV3 - My Blocks

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This lesson introduces students to the concept of My Blocks - the EV3-G equivalent of a sub-routine. Have students watch the "My Blocks" video from EV3 Trainer.

In this Lesson we have 1 Primary Instruction Resources:

  • The resource is an EV3 Trainer lesson on My Blocks.

Have students work through the EV3 Trainer describing My Blocks:

Behaviors > Bonus > My Blocks

Students should be able to answer all the review questions at the end of each step and end up with a solid command of the use of My Blocks

The Task Assessment Sheet for this lesson is open ended.  Students are asked to revisit a previous challenge with repeating blocks, and rewrite the program using My Blocks. For example:.

  • Have students resurrect their program for Sensabot Challenge (in Moving Straight)
    • Identify repetitive sections of their program and implement My Blocks to simplify
    • If students used the Color Sensor to determine both when they reach a line and then when they leave a line, they will have the most elegant solution.
      • if students used rotations or time to get off the line, then their program will not be as compact - encourage them to make the change now
  • Have students resurrect other challenges
    • Identify repetitive sections of their program and implement My Blocks to simplify
  • Have students develop a new challenge that takes advantage of My Blocks to simplify what would otherwise be an unwieldy program

If students are expected to use Flow Charts to plan/design their program (which is encouraged), it may be useful to also go through the upcoming Advanced Flow Charts Lesson.  This lesson introduce the concept of a Sub-Process, which is the Flow Chart equivalent of a My Block.