Instructional Material: EV3 - Advanced Gyro Sensor Techniques

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The latest versions of these lessons are available at this webpage.

The PowerPoint and pdf version of this lesson from 6/6/15 are attached below. This original version of the lesson works for older Gyro sensors (N2 or N3 codes).

If you are using a newer version of the Gyro sensor (N4 and above codes) you will need to also review the Gyro Sensor Revisited updates to this lesson (PowerPoint and pdf from 8/12/17 attched below).

Also attached is the GyroRevisited.ev3 program file which can be run to determine which Gyro sensor type you have and which calibration strategies frm these lessons may be used.

You are strongly encouraged to visit using the link above as they maintain the most recent copy of the lesson.

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