Challenge: Can Do Challenge

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Challenge Name: Can Do Challenge


Participants: Team


Objective: To move all the cans out of the circle on three consecutive tries within a total of     120 seconds.  There will be 6 empty cans or bottles that are randomly placed. 


Points Possible: 100


Rules and Procedures: 


  1. The robot should start outside of the circle.
  2. It will then drive into the circle and never completely leave the circle after it has entered the circle. 
  3. It will push the cans (or bottles) completely outside of the black line. 
  4. Time starts when you push the start button on the robot and stops when the last can leaves the circle.
  5. Your three successful attempts have to be consecutive.  An unsuccessful attempt due to the robot leaving the circle, falling apart, taking too much time, etc. means you start at the beginning of the three attempts on the next try.
  6. Your Robot must fit inside a 12-inch by 12-inch by 12-inch cube.
  7. You can use up to two light sensors and two motors.
Grading Guide: 


  1. You get unlimited attempts to do the challenge correctly for full points
  2. Each 10 seconds over 120 total seconds costs you 10% of the points.   For example: If you can get the desired result in 138 seconds it would give you an 80% score.  You can choose to get 80% of the points and move to the next challenge.
  3. Scores under 60% are not acceptable and you must keep trying.


  1. You can practice as much as you want. 
  2. Tell your instructor when you are ready to make an official attempt.  Your instructor may choose to only watch the 3rd attempt.  You will need to have an aide verify the amount of time you used on the first two runs.
  3. It may be helpful to attach a dry erase marker to the robot and let it draw the pattern on the white board to see where your robot is going.
  4. Your robot does not have to stay completely inside the circle, but it cannot completely leave the circle.
  5. You can slow your robot down using gears.
  6. The circle should be about 3 feet in diameter.
  7. If your wheels are slipping you may want to clean your wheels or the surface of the white board.
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