Challenge: Line Follower

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Participants:                            Individual


Objective:                                To control your robot so it follows a line.


Points Possible:                       100

Rules and Procedures: 


You will need a white board with a black line that creates an S curve.

  1. The robot should follow the line.
  2. You have unlimited time.
  3. The entire event must be completed.
  4. You must use our individual challenge robot.
Grading Guide: 


  1. If you can get the robot to perform correctly within 3 tries you get 100% of the points.
  2. Each attempt after the first 3 costs you 10% of the points.


  1. You can practice as much as you want. 
  2. Tell your instructor when you are ready to demonstrate an official attempt
  3. You cannot change our robot.
  4. If the tracks are slipping you may want to clean the tracks or the floor.
Education Level: 
HW Platform: 
SW Platform: