Course Creation Tutorial

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To begin creating a new course navigate to the Contribute page and chose the Course link.

You will now be presented with a form to create your new course. Create the course using the following steps:

Course Content:

1. Give your course a title.

2. Give your course a short abstract. This text will appear in the abstract column on the Browse Courses page, please keep this text short.

3. Provide a detailed overview of your new course. This should be an in-depth description of your course extended from your abstract.

Course Metadata:

4. Choose the education level that you new course corresponds to. You may select as many options from the list as applies. Hold the control key and use the mouse to select multiple options. 

5. Now select the interactivity style for this course. Interactivity is defined as

     Interactivity Type (IEEE 1484.12.1-2002) for e-learning objects:

  • active: Active learning (e.g., learning by doing) is supported by content that directly induces productive action by the learner.
  • expositive: Expositive learning (e.g., passive learning) occurs when the learner's job mainly consists of absorbing the content exposed to them.
  • mixed: A blend of active and expositive interactivity types.

    At the course level this is most likely mixed.

6. Next choose the hardware and software platforms used in this course.

7. Then select the focus area of this course. Once again you may select multiple options and at the course level you will most likely choose many options. (this is optional)

Course Materials:

8. Now you can add units to your course using the node reference widget

  This widget will allow you to attach units you have already created by typing their name into the text box. Alternatively you can create a new unit by pressing the green plus button on the right side of the widget. When you press this button you will be taken to a new unit creation page for creating the new unit. If you would like to add another unit press the "Add another item" button which will create a new entry for adding another unit below the first one.

9. Add an instruction guide for the course. Similar to the add unit section you may either type in the name of a known instruction guide or create a new one by pressing the green plus button. When creating a new instruction guide you will be taken to a new instruction guide creation page. Only one instruction guide may be attached at the course level.

10. Add one or more instructional materials. Similar to the add unit widget you can now add instructional materials at the course level. If you create a new instructional material you will be taken to the instructional material creation page.


11. You may choose to upload an image for your course that will appear on the Browse Courses page. (this is optional)

12. You may also choose to place some initial tags on your course. (this is optional)

Save Your Course:

You are done creating your course please remember to press the save button at the bottom to save your work.