Lesson: STEMACADEMY Advanced Building

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The EV3 Idea Book contains many creative builds for the EV3.  Most will require parts from the EV3 Expansion Kit, in addition to your EV3 Core Set - see your Squad Leader for the expansion kits.  PLEASE RETURN all expansion kit parts back to the the kit and DO NOT mix with your EV3 Core Set Parts.

All the build numbers with a green check on this list can be built from the Core Set plus Expansion Kit.

Here are some suggestions:


Task 1:  Build one or more of these grippers and program them to grab a pop can.

Gripper #137 (Note this is not the page number, it is the model number) Program the gripper to grasp a pop can.  Note:  This uses a LEGO belt.  The belt is not in the EV3 Core set, it is in the EV3 expansion set.   LEGO belts are not rubber bands.  They are very  expensive compared to a rubber band.

Gripper #136

Gripper #139 


Sometimes we want to locate our robot by driving into something and then using an attachment to sweep or move something.

Task 2:  Build model #152 and have the robot find a stationary vertical chair leg.  Use the sweeping action to center the robot on the chair leg.


The touch sensor can be more effective and reliable with levers attached to it

Task 3: Build some of these:

Build model #164

Build model #165

Build model #166

Build model #167

Build model #168

Build model #169

Build model #170

Build model #171

Which model is your favorite?  Why


Task 4: Explore and build at some of these models:

# 20 ____       # 23 ____      # 24 ____    # 30 ____     # 42 ____    # 43 ____     # 44 ____

# 51 ____       # 61 ____      # 62 ____    # 69 ____     # 70 ____    # 71 ____     # 80 ____

# 99 ____       #157____

What are your observations from the above models?


Lifting things can be very helpful. 

Task 5: Build these lifting mechanisms

Build model # 140 

Build model # 141

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