Lesson: 2 STEMACADEMY Computational Thinking (Group Challenge)

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Use this group challenge to develop Computational Thinking skills within your squad.

Have teams step through the online PowerPoint:


Answer any questions about the Lab and then let teams start "coding".

When teams are ready to test their code (they do NOT need to be completely done to try their code):

  • To prevent students from making corrections on-the-fly, have the student who is reading the instructions face away from the processor, or have another team read the instructions
  • Cycle through the teams quickly – as soon as faulty instruction is encountered, have that team sit down and work on a fix, while another “runs their code”.
  • Run as many iterations as desired. The goal is to have student realize that something as intuitive to them as making a sandwich is very tedious to accomplish in the simple and limited machine language of a processor.

As teams run their code, you will act out their instructions.  However, you will freeze (crash) if:


  • any words other than those ion the instruction page are used
  • any instruction does not follow the syntax
  • any instruction conflicts with previous instructions
  • any instruction cannot be carried because a required preceding instruction was omitted

All instructions must be in written down and read verbatim by the student – abbreviations may be used.


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HW Platform: 
SW Platform: 
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