Lesson: Introduction to Data Logging - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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The goal of this lesson is to give students their first hands-on experience using the NXT as a Data Logger. This lesson uses the "Inquiry & Data Logging" video from the "Introduction" section of the "Science and Data Logging" product from Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Academy (featuring a temperature sensor). Students will run their first experiment using the NXT and the Data Logging software along with either the light, ultrasonic, or sound sensors.

In this lesson, students will begin with an idea for an experiment using the probes and then be able to:

  1. Open the data logging software on their laptops and find the new experiment setup box
  2. Select the probe and ensure it is attached to the correct port on the NXT in the setup box and on the NXT.
  3. Set up the duration and frequency of data to be collected.
  4. Run the experiment - both from the laptop and by downloading the experiment to the NXT and running it remotely. 
  5. View and interpret the data and graphs of the results in the Data Logging software.
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