Lesson: Introduction to the NXT. - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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This lesson introduces the NXT and sensors. It explores the View Mode capability of the NXT and uses this to demonstrate the types of data provided by each of the five available NXT sensors, plus temperature and color sensors. ** Note: In addition to the five sensor types include in the NXT 9797 Base Set, this lesson includes use of the NXT Color Sensor and the NXT Temperature Sensor which must be purchased separately.

Students will be able to:

  1. Recognize and use the NXT buttons and menus. 
  2. Relate the function of the NXT (as a data measuring device) to other familiar items. 
  3. Display the value of a sensor on the NXT screen
  4. Measure the value of a sensor under various test conditions
  5. Interpret measured sensor values
  6. Introduce the touch sensor as a binary sensor.
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