Drawing Angles Resources

Theses resources support drawing different shapes/angles in Freestyle

Intro to Angles for Kids: Understanding Angles for Children (from FreeSchool Math):

Try drawing:

> Draw 3 acute angles
> Draw 3 obtuse angles
> Draw 3 right angles
> Share your code

Click this link to learn more about angles and shapes you can draw in Freestyle



Debugging Code Strategies

Watch the video on the link below to learn 4 strategies for debugging code (from

20V ESR AVID Objective & Daily Challenges

The attached AVID PowerPoint contains the Objectives for the virtual STEM Academy (slide 1) and a set of suggested Daily Challenges (slides 2 to 4).

20V ESR Shared Sensor Challenge

20V ESR Shared Sensor Parking

20V ESR Design & Engineering Supplemental Resources

The following resources provide supplemental support for Design and Engineering skills:

20V ESR Curvy Artwork

Function (Smart Block) Supplementall Resources

The following sites provide resoures around understanding Smart Blocks (a.k.a. Functions or Subroutines in other coding languages, or My Blocks in LEGO EV3-G software):

Iterations and Loops Vocabulary Support

The attached pdf provides vocabulary support for Iterations, Loops and Algorithms:

How the Color Sensor Works Video

This video explains how the EV3 Color Sensor detects different colors.