FAA Rules for Lightweight UAVs (under 250gm/0.55lb)

The links below detail how only the registration and Remote ID requirements are waved for sUAVs under 250g, while all other FAA Recreational Flyer rules still apply.

Mavic Mini UAV Crew Checklist

Pre-flight, Launch, Mission, Landing/Power-down, and Post-flight checklists for Pilot, Flight Director and Safety Manager.

How Drones Fly

This YouTube video explains drone flight dynamics:

This YouTube video gives a simpler alternative description of how torque is used in drone flight dynamics:

This YouTube video explains drone controller operation in Mode 2:

Commercial Drone Use Videos

This link provides a list of videos showing commercial uses of drone technology (with embedded ads).

Drones: How do They Work

This YouTube video (with embedded ads) describes the flight dynamics and control systems of a sUAV, emphasizing quad-copters.

Extreme Gearing Down Video

The YouTube video below shows a 1.034 Googol:1 gearing down (that's 10 to the power 100!!)

Christina Pham: Clone of Digital Information

Christina Pham: Clone of EV3 - Getting in Gear

Christina Pham: Clone of How Fast?