Skidder Lab 4

The skidder is built with a light sensor to be used in the “follow the line” lab. It includes an optional gearing section. On a hard, smooth surface, a skidder turns more consistently than a third wheel.

Acrobat Lab 3

Uses light sensor.

Acrobat Lab 2

Uses hand held touch sensors to let kids remote control the movement of the robots. Helps kids understand how motor rotation controls the direction of robot.

Acrobat Lab 1

Uses canned “brick” programs to demonstrate the motor’s clockwise/counterclockwise rotation

Acrobat Battery Lab

Robotics Notebook

RCX Basics 2006

The Power of the U Join

RCX and NXT Power Transfer

Advanced Monorail

Build a robot that can travel along a 2x4 on the robotics track in the lab, and then make a right angle turn and continue going down the next side. It must be able to continue all the way around the track and return to its starting point.