Automatic Can Crusher

This device can accept three or more soda cans and crush them one at a time. It feeds the new can in, crushes it, spits it out, and then feeds the next can.

Can Collector

This robot seeks out white “cans” (really PVC pipe couplers) from CanDo and picks them up dumping them in a basket it carries with it.  When it gets all three cans within 3 minutes, you win. It must stay within the Can Do circle and not be helped by humans.  It must know that it has gotten 3 and stop.

Follow the Leader

This uses two standard robots. The first one is the “scout”. It drives around until it runs into something. It then backs up and turns away from it and continues. The second robot (the follower) gets infrared signals from the first. When the scout does something to avoid an object, the follower does the same thing to avoid making the same mistake. They follow each other around the lab.

Wall Climber

Build a robot that can climb over a brick wall.

Lego Copier

Build a device that can scan a simple image on one sheet of paper and make a copy on another.

Lego Plotter

Build a device that can write your initials on a piece of paper.

Lego Arm

Build an arm that can pick up Lego bricks by remote control.  You could combine this with the sorter to pick up and sort Lego bricks.


Build a machine that can sort color bricks (or marbles or M&Ms or ?) into two or more piles depending on color.


Write a program that can play the Blackjack card game from an infinite deck on an RCX. This requires NQC.

Tic Tac Toe

Build a machine that can play Tic Tac Toe.