Music Reader

Program a robot to read bar codes and play the note associated with them. This means you can write a song just by rearranging the bar code sheets in the order you’d like.

CanDo Extreme

Program your robot to do the CanDo Advanced challenge with a twist. Cones with green stripes on them should be put in the base. Cones without stripes should be pushed outside the circle.

Robot Research

Do research into how accurate various robot designs are in preparation for the robot competitions in the fall.

Can Crusher

This device accepts empty soda cans and crushes them. To count as “crushed” a can must be at least half the height or width that it was initially.


Combine the DrummerBot and at least two other musical Lego creations and modify them to be controlled via Infrared by a central “conductor”. Play a musical piece with all of them working together. Consider combining it with the Level 3 Music reader.


Build a device that can play the Drums. Drums can be made out of Glad Wrap over wheel hubs. Your device should have two drums and a cymbal made from something you find around the house and should be able to play an entertaining drum solo, not just a bunch of noise.

Lego Musical Instrument

Make a musical instrument out of Legos.  This could be anything you can dream up.  Some ideas are a trombone, piano, drum, xylophone, player piano.

Joystick Controlled Robot

Build an analog joystick that can steer a robot connected by wires.  You’d use two rotation sensors to sense the joystick position in either axis and translate that into movement of the robot.


Build a robot that can travel along a 2x4 on the robotics track in the lab. It must make it from one end to the other without touching the ground.

Robot Artist

Create a robot that can draw a picture.  It should be able to raise and lower its pen.  Using a two wheel robot is a good idea.