Joystick Controlled Robot

Build an analog joystick that can steer a robot connected by wires.  You’d use two rotation sensors to sense the joystick position in either axis and translate that into movement of the robot.


Build a robot that can travel along a 2x4 on the robotics track in the lab. It must make it from one end to the other without touching the ground.

Robot Artist

Create a robot that can draw a picture.  It should be able to raise and lower its pen.  Using a two wheel robot is a good idea.

Robot “Sonar”

Use the RCXs internal IR transmitter to detect a wall before your actually touch it.  Build a robot that can drive around inside the 4’x8’ track without ever touching the wall.

Remote Controlled Car

Program your robot to move forward, backwards, left or right under remote control from another RCX.

Simon Says

Program your robot to play “Simon Says”.  One robot will be the conductor and any number of other robots will be the players.  The robots will use the RoboLab level 4 programming environment with its “Mail” capabilities.  You should expect to spend some time experimenting and learning about mail and containers before launching in on this project.

Movements should include things like move forward, move back, turn left, turn right, beep.

CanDo Advanced

This is much the same as the Basic CanDo challenge except for one nasty twist.

The field consists of a 36” diameter white circle with a black border. Inside this circle are placed five “cans”. Your robot must move at least three of these cans back into the green start box within three minutes.

The field looks something like this:

Never Falls Off

Build a robot that drives around on a lab table and never falls off.

Chair Pull

Build a robot that can pull a standard chair in the lab a minimum of one foot.

Wall Follower

Write a program that can follow the wall of the challenge course all the way around the board.