K through 5

Motor Madness Challenge Checklist

Checklist to accompany Motor Madness Challenge

Shaver The Angle Maker (Elementary)

Prerequisite Angle Measuring Knowledgebase

Students should explore the use of protractors to measure angles, focusing on lining up the protractor correctly for a more accurate measure. Khan Academy has some interactive resources for practice.

Drawing Bot Instructions

Drawing Bot Instructions

The Angle Maker (Elementary)

Cricut Patterns for Robotics Angle Maker

Here are some links to the Cricut Design Space designs that I have made to go along with this unit. All are free to use.


Protractor: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/271201208795992956/?scrlybrkr=0bbff338

Angle Maker Fonts: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/271201208795993048/?scrlybrkr=0bbff338

Making Angles

Students will learn to write a basic program for making angles, as well as review the use of a protractor with videos from Khan Academy.

Elementary lesson on Hardware, Software, Input and Output

Here is my elementary introduction lesson to Hardware, Software, Input and Output devices