The EV3 Computer Video

EV3 - The Computer

The attached PowerPoint presentation identifies the four parts of a computer within the context of the EV3 system.

The attached EV3-G program file is used in the demonstration for this lesson.

EV3 - Software: On Brick Programming

The attached PowerPoint presentation explains the Brick Program feature of the EV3.


EV3 - Hardware Tribot Build

The attached PowerPoint file contains the directions for finding the building instructions for the tribot used in the LEGO EV3-G animations and CMU programming tutorials.

EV3 Firmware (incl. Summative Assessment)

This PowerPoint presentation containing embedded multiple choice questions for Formative Assessment may be used in place of the Primary Instructional Material.

EV3 - Firmware

The attached PowerPoint presentationis intended to be used in conjunction with the "EV3 Firmware" lesson. 

EV3 - Introduction_Video