DJI Spark

DJI Spark Controller Pairing Instructions

The attached image contains the DJI instructions for pairing (or re-pairing) a Spark UAV with a Spark controller. If you get a repaired/replaced aircraft or controller, or your controller fails to pair correctly when powered up, follow the attached instructions for re-establishing the connection.

Jen Linthwaite-PBL UAV Programming

vkores-Aerial Robotics UAV Programming

DJI Spark UAV Crew Checklist

Pre-flight, Launch, Mission, Landing/Power-down, and Post-flight checklists for Pilot, Flight Director and Safety Manager.

DJI Spark Setup and Piloting Videos

The DJI Tutorial video series on setting up and piloting the Spark are available about half-way down this webpage:

DJI Spark Components and Specifications

The following videos provide an overview of the DJI Spark aircraft components:

and key electronics components:

UAV Programming