Early Elementary

20V ESR Design & Engineering Supplemental Resources

The following resources provide supplemental support for Design and Engineering skills:

Team Building Ideas

Review these Team Building Activities under the ALL POSTS section of this webpage and see how you could adapt them to a Virtual team:

Team Building Activities - see "All Posts"

LEGO Listen

This LEGO Listen Activity from the Hands-On version of the STEM Academy may be used in the Virtual Academy if all students have match sets of LEGO pieces:


IEEE Robot Guide

This website from IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers) has a great collection of robots from different sources.


Introducing Loops - Supplemental Resources

The resources below help introduce the concept of Loops for students for whom this is new, or if they are struggling with when (and when not to) use Loops in their code.

Beginner Loop Activities and Puzzles from Code.org:

Unplugged Dance Group Activity Loop Lesson:


Maze Loops - Code.org Interactive lab:

20L ESR What is a Robot?

20L ESR Motoring on for Time

20L ESR Team Building (Group Activity)

20V ESR What is a Robot?

20V ESR Team Building (Group Activity)