OSD 20V ESR Team Building (Group Activity)

Drawing Angles Resources

Theses resources support drawing different shapes/angles in Freestyle

Intro to Angles for Kids: Understanding Angles for Children (from FreeSchool Math):

Try drawing:

> Draw 3 acute angles
> Draw 3 obtuse angles
> Draw 3 right angles
> Share your code

Click this link to learn more about angles and shapes you can draw in Freestyle



Debugging Code Strategies

Watch the video on the link below to learn 4 strategies for debugging code (from

20V ESR AVID Objective & Daily Challenges

The attached AVID PowerPoint contains the Objectives for the virtual STEM Academy (slide 1) and a set of suggested Daily Challenges (slides 2 to 4).

20V ESR Design & Engineering Supplemental Resources

The following resources provide supplemental support for Design and Engineering skills:

How the Color Sensor Works Video

This video explains how the EV3 Color Sensor detects different colors.


Color Sensor Supplemental Resources

The videos below provide supplemental resources for understanding visible light:


Ultrasound Supplemental Resources

This link  provides some supplemental resources for understanding the concept of Ultrasound.


Team Building Ideas

Review these Team Building Activities under the ALL POSTS section of this webpage and see how you could adapt them to a Virtual team:

Team Building Activities - see "All Posts"

LEGO Listen

This LEGO Listen Activity from the Hands-On version of the STEM Academy may be used in the Virtual Academy if all students have match sets of LEGO pieces: