Intro Workshop PowerPoint

Coding Video: The Importance of Learning to Program

This engaging and well produced video gives a great perspective on the importance of learning programming (coding). Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Will.i.am and others describe how learning to program is the closest thing we have to possessing a superpower. It tells how there are over 1 million unfilled programming jobs and shows the cool facilities that high tech companies build to attract talent (nobody asking "do you want fries with that?" in these jobs). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKIu9yen5nc

Name NXT Robot Using USB Connection

  1. In RobotC Open "Robot", "NXT Brick", then "Link Setup"
  2. When it's open click on "Rename NXT" in the right side of the window
  3. Type a New NXT name. For Example name of your School, Your pets name, or Robots name. (Every Robot needs a name ^_^). Then click "OK"

Downloading Firmware (step by step)

Downloading Firmware (brief)

In a nutshell, follow this procedure:

  • Connect NXT to PC with USB cable (not Bluetooth)
  • Start RobotC and turn on NXT
  • Go to menu Robot → Download Firmware
  • Select your NXT then F/W Download
  • Select the desired .rfw file followed by “open
  • Wait for the firmware to download
  • Select Rename NXT and give the NXT a useful name (useful for recognizing your NXT when connecting to Bluetooth)

Setting Preferences

Overview of RobotC Video