Robolab Tutorial: Advanced

These topics don’t have assignments associated with them.  The idea is to watch them when you’re about to start a program in which you need to use an advanced feature of RoboLab.

RoboLab Tutorial: Essentials


It will take around four hours to complete this section. Don’t  just watch the movies ... the assignments are important.


Preceptoral de NXT por Dale Yocum

Avansado: Preceptoral de NXT por Dale Yocum

Note: this content, created by Dale Yocum has been copied (with permission) from http://www.ortop.org/NXT_Tutorial/html/advanced.html on July 20, 2011.


Data Hubs, Wires and Types Document

The web page from an Australian site gives a nice explanation of Data Hubs, Wires and Types.


NXT Motor Characterization

The web page below provides a technical analysis detailed characterization of the NXT motor.


Gearing Video

This video progresses from the wheel, to gears, to gear ratios and eventually compound gearing.


Advanced Strategies for Going Straight

The video below from a championship FLL Team details an exhaustive approach to eliminate sources of error which cause robots to deviate from going straight.