Stacy Boost: Advice


The following information is simply a list of things we keep in mind and try to do throughout

our program. We do not pretend that it is the best, it is just what we try to do.


Brent Leong's Course


Brent Leong: Curriculum

Gear Assembly

These gear projects were all built by Dynamic Don Domes and filmed by Wonderful Will Greenleaf. Click on any of the videos below to view them.

Preceptoral de Robolab por Dale Yocum

Preceptoral de Robolab: Esenciales

El “esencial” es cosas que cada programador de RoboLab debe saber. Algunas de estas películas tendrán asignaciones en el extremo. Es importante hacer estas asignaciones, no apenas para asumirte “lo consigue.” La razón más grande por la que la gente tiene problemas usar RoboLab no se está aplicando con con manos programando lo que ella acaban de aprender.

RoboLab Tutorial by Dale Yocum


This tutorial is divided into two sections, selected below.

Robolab Tutorial: Advanced

These topics don’t have assignments associated with them.  The idea is to watch them when you’re about to start a program in which you need to use an advanced feature of RoboLab.

RoboLab Tutorial: Essentials


It will take around four hours to complete this section. Don’t  just watch the movies ... the assignments are important.


Preceptoral de NXT por Dale Yocum