CoderZ Gyro Reset Overview Slides

This Google Slides presentation from CoderZ provides an overview of the Mission Pack:


Inside Amazon's Fulfillment Centers

The link below is a webpage that describes what happens after you hit "buy" on Amazon..... https://www.aboutamazon.com/amazon-fulfillment/our-fulfillment-centers/inside-amazons-fulfillment-centers-what-you-can-expect-to

OSD 20V ESR Getting Loopy

OSD 20V ESR A Whole New World

OSD 20V ESR Introduction to the EV3 Robot

OSD 20V ESR What is a Robot?

OSD 20V ESR Introduction to CoderZ

OSD 20V ESR CoderZ Culminating Challenges

OSD 20V ESR Touchy Decision

OSD 20V ESR Grab & Go