kimw@stalbans.org: Clone of Amazing Mechanisms

kimw@stalbans.org: Clone of Drumming Monkey

kimw@stalbans.org: Clone of Smart Spinner

kimw@stalbans.org: Clone of Dancing Birds

A Brief History of Robotics

Entertaining video about the history of robots.


Bicycle gearing video

This YouTube video contains a visual of bicycle gears shifting up and down, with explanation as to when you would use them on an uphill and downhill. Camera angle switches to close-up view of the gears at 1:05 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_05Eic7KgcA

FLL Tournament @ Liberty 1/17/09

There we are. :)

Hurry up already! :)

The pressure is on! :)

Getting Started

Build a NXT Robot from the NXT Directions