Grade 6

Game Task

Girl Scout Workshop

Inclined Plane Introduction

This is how I introduced the Inclined Plane. I am using David McCauley's 1988 The Way Things Work and am introducing the simple machines in that order. I'm establishing 2 routines: Read -- Build -- Discuss -- Write and Build -- Test -- Write. Thanks Kate for the Build -- Test -- Write routine. Jana Dean

History of street sweepers

How Stuff Works on Street Sweeper

Bill Nye on levers

Guided Move Until Touch/Release Lesson

This "Touch/Release" program challenge is designed to assist students with their progression through Video Trainer as they learn and demonstrate their understanding of the Touch/Release behavior. The initial"Basic" sheet also assists teachers in keeping track of student progress as they proceed through the Video Trainer.lessons.

Guided "Moving Straight" Lesson

This is a detailed approach that requires students to go step-by-step through the Video Trainer "Moving Straight." it provides a strong mangement model that requires teams to date completion of each step covered and a teacher signature with each demonstration.That is the first two pages. The third page has students work through an applied proportions math sheet. Pages four and five outline two advanced challenges. This delivery system is designed to provide opportunities for success for all level of students.