Grade 12

Set Up Bluetooth Communication

What is Bluetooth?

Connect the NXT to a Computer

How to set up the NXT

  1. Go to the Bluetooth menu on the NXT turn Bluetooth On
    bt bt on
  2. Then go to "Visibility"
  3. Then "Visible"


Load the Robot C Firmware

Note: If you have not used RobotC yet or you have not activated your version, you will see two options: one to activate it and one to evaluate it for 365 days. Click on evaluation and you can use the program; there are no limitations on the program when you use RobotC in evaluation.

Name NXT Robot Using USB Connection

  1. In RobotC Open "Robot", "NXT Brick", then "Link Setup"
  2. When it's open click on "Rename NXT" in the right side of the window
  3. Type a New NXT name. For Example name of your School, Your pets name, or Robots name. (Every Robot needs a name ^_^). Then click "OK"