Grade 12

Build a NXT Robot from the NXT Directions

You will be using the lego parts for the "Getting Started Portion" part of these lessons.

Note: If you have built more than (Four) robots successfully and you have a robot already built. You may want to go on to, "Step 2: Loading the Robot C Firmware with the USB Cable". We have provided some sample robot building instructions in case you need help getting a robot built. You will need some type of NXT robot to do the lessons that follow. Robots that includes any sensors and motors are acceptable for the following lessons.

FTC Training

NXT and RobotC for the FIRST Tech Challenge

Downloading Firmware (step by step)

Downloading Firmware (brief)

In a nutshell, follow this procedure:

  • Connect NXT to PC with USB cable (not Bluetooth)
  • Start RobotC and turn on NXT
  • Go to menu Robot → Download Firmware
  • Select your NXT then F/W Download
  • Select the desired .rfw file followed by “open
  • Wait for the firmware to download
  • Select Rename NXT and give the NXT a useful name (useful for recognizing your NXT when connecting to Bluetooth)

Setting Preferences

Overview of RobotC Video