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Jen Linthwaite-PBL UAV Aerodynamics

Jen Linthwaite-PBL UAV Operations

Jen Linthwaite-PBL UAV Equipment & Safety

Jen Linthwaite-PBL Introduction to UAVs

Tello Debug/Pre-service Procedures - IMU Calibration and Firmware Update

The attached Word file contains the steps to remove propellers, calibrate the IMU, re-attach propellers and update firmware that Ryze Technical Support will have you walk through before allowing a warranty (or post-warranty) repair.

Parrot Mambo Motor Replacement

This IFixIt page describes how to replace a failed/damaged motor for the Parrot Mambo


Tello Motor Replacement

This YouTube Video walks through replacing a failed/damaged Tello motor.


IEEE Interpretation of Section 349 Changes

This IEEE articles interprets the recreational UAV changes included in the 2018 FAA Re-authorization Bill Section 349 prior to the FAA's administrative implementation of the law.