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Circuits and Switches

This "Circuits and Switches" lesson comes from STEM Robotics 101 course and covers Insulators and Conductors, as well as the Four Parts of a Circuit. The Primary Instruction Material consists of an Intel video and a companion PowerPoint. The Instructor's Guide describes the lesson and there are several Differentiated Instructional resources and well as both Formative and Summative Assessments.


9797 Kit Part Pictures & Names

The attached pdf file is a great 3 page summary of the 9797 Kit Parts by category with excellent Hi-Res images. Thanks to Kate Steward from Centralia SD, WA, for adding this to the After-School Resource section (and we highjacked it here too).

ASD STEM Robotics 1,2

AHS Robotics What is a Robot?

AHS Robotics Robo Intro

AHS Robotics Variables and Logic