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MLamm 2012-2013 Faraday Golfing Machine

MLamm 2012-2013 Introduction to Gear Trains

MLamm 2012-2013 NXT Parts Exploration

MLamm 2012-2013 NXT Kit Overview

MLamm 2012-2013 Introduction to NXT

Data Hubs, Wires and Types Document

The web page from an Australian site gives a nice explanation of Data Hubs, Wires and Types.


Express Bot Building Insturctions

The web site below provides building instructions for the Express-Bot. This design is similar to the Domabot, but with an frame that surrounds the brick for greater attachment options.


NXT Motor Characterization

The web page below provides a technical analysis detailed characterization of the NXT motor.


"Turning" Certificates

The attached Word file contains a set of "Turning" completion certificates/awards.

"Move Until Dark" Certificates

The attached Word file contains a set of Move Until Near completion certificates/awards.