High School

An over view over all the sensors.


This course is meant to help people under stand how to use all of the sensors and program them using robot-C. 

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Using clickers or whiteboards or a starter sheet, select from a list the steps of the scientific method.
1-testable question (where manipulated and responding variables are evident)
2-research the topic
3-form a hypothesis
4-Design an experiment (materials and a procedure)
5-Collect and organize data
6-Analyse the data
7-write a conclusion that comes from the data
8-form a new question that could reveal even more interesting things about your topic

Advanced Strategies for Going Straight

The video below from a championship FLL Team details an exhaustive approach to eliminate sources of error which cause robots to deviate from going straight.


Paralyzed Woman Controls Robot with Brain Video

This video show work at Brown's University in which the human brain is use to control a robotic arm.


Advanced Gearing, Pulleys and Wheels

This pdf file from Chico State University presents an in depth look at LEGO Gears, Pulleys, Wheels, Tires and Center-of-Gravity. Although some images are based on the older LEGO RIS brick, all the content is applicable to the NXT. http://www.ecst.csuchico.edu/~juliano/csci224/Slides/03%20-%20Gears%20Pu...

Student Designed Two Sensor Experiments - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The PowerPoint file below introduces ........

Integrating Data Logging with Robotics Programs - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The PowerPoint file below introduces ........

Using Third Party Sensors - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The PowerPoint file below introduces ........