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Frequency of Data Sampling - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The PowerPoint file below introduces ........


The attached  pdf file of the NXT brick menus can be used as a visual aid as students explore the various modes. 

This "NXT View Mode Worksheet" Word file walks students through the functionality of the different NXT sensors in View Mode.

Introduction to the NXT. - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Introduction to the NXT - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The PowerPoint file below introduces ........

Engineering Challenge: Line Racer

CTE High School Framework (Work in Progress)

The attached Word file is the current  version of the Olympia School District's CTE Framework for High School STEM Robotics Engineering.  Units 1 through 13 of this framework are based on the STEM Robotics 101 curriculum and this present revision incorporates the new (2013) Washington State CTE Framework Template and the Common Core Standards for Math and English Language Arts.