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What is Data Logging? - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The PowerPoint file below introduces ........

What is Data Logging? - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Data Logging with Sensors - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Guided Turning Lesson

This "Turning" program challenge is designed to assist students with their progression through Video Trainer as they learn and demonstrate their understanding of the Turning behavior. The initial"Basic" sheet also assists teachers in keeping track of student progress as they proceed through the Video Trainer.lessons. The second page lays out three additional challenges. The intention of this structured approach is to provide an opportunity for all students to gain success and receive an appropriate grade. With completion of the Basic sheet, teams receive 75 of the 100 possible points.

NXT Robotics used for Medical Research

This video shows how medical researchers at Cambridge University are using NXT robots to aid in bone research.


Follow the Leader

The attached PowerPoint file describes the details of (and gives a video example of) the Follow the leader Challenge

Wall Following

This challenge by Dr. Graeme Faulkner(retired Tasmanian Engineer/Teacher) has students build and program a wall-following robot. The design attachment is based on the small footprint ClareBot design, but the challenge could be use other robots as well. http://www.drgraeme.net/DrGraeme-free-NXT-G-tutorials/ClareBotWallFollow...

ClareBot Building Instructions

This ClareBot design by Dr. Graeme Faulkner(retired Tasmanian Engineer/Teacher) is an interesting small-footprint alternative to the more complex Tribot design.

The touch sensor attachment directions are here and the ultrasonic attachment directions are here.

SumoBot Tutorial

This tutorial by Dr. Graeme Faulkner(retired Tasmanian Engineer/Teacher) provides students tips on building and programming a SumoBot.