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NXT Hardware

The attached pdf file contains the builting instructions for a tribot.

NXT Hardware

NXT Firmware_Video

NXT Firmware

The attached PowerPoint presentationis intended to be used in conjunction with the "NXT Firmware" lesson. 

NXT Firmware


Intel Microprocessors Companion Web Site

The Intel video used in this unit has a companion website which includes additional instructional material related to the Microprocessor lesson.  This Microprocessor page has some interactive animations under "Lesson 1" and "Lesson 2".

Microprocessors (incl. Formative Assessment)

This PowerPoint presentation containing embedded multiple choice questions for Formative Assessment may be used in place of the Primary Instructional Material.


This Code.org "Hardware and Software" video is used to introduce this lesson.

The attached MicroProcessors PowerPoint presentation may be used in conjunction with the Intel  "Microprocessors" video.  It contains a review of key concepts from the video and instructions for the two labs that follow.

Hardware, Software, Firmware