Lesson: Draw Repetitive L #1


Program your robot to draw a line 22 inches long, then turn 90 degrees and draw another 22 inch line.

When the robot reaches the end of the "L", pick it up and reposition it at the start point.

  • We do not are how the pendraws the turn at the corner
  • We only care about the start point and the stop point.

Use a dry erase marker to draw each "L".  (Hint: draw the lines on top of each other so you can see the variation).

Do this 10 times.

  • How close are the lines and ending points? ________
  • How repetitive is the robot with just one turn? _______
  • Can you get all the ending points to be within a 2-inch circle? _____
  • How about a 3-inch circle? _____

Watch "Task 12: Robot draws repetitive L Example 1"



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