Course: EV3 Programming Introduction Level 1 for PC/MAC


DO THIS FIRST: Download this instruction pdf. Latest Getting Started with EV3 051019 version.

Welcome to Getting Started with the Mindstorms EV3 programming software.  This Course covers the PC & Mac versions.  Note: to show all Lessons, you may want to click the + to expand the Units in the Navigation window at left.  Click each Lesson to open the instructions and video for that lesson.  Click the next Lesson in the sequence to move on.  BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR TEACHER REVIEW EACH LESSON BEFORE PROCEEDING TO THE NEXT.

Teachers:  This is about 12-15 hours of course work and provides the basics of motors, touch sensors, light sensors, line followers, etc.  This curriculum has been developed by teachers over several years with tons of revisions and testing with hundreds of students.  Over 25 videos accompany the lessons. It is largely self instructional.  For a worksheet Unit & Lesson printout that can be used with students, please download this version for PC/Mac listed above. This same task printout can be used for Chromebook. On pages 1 &2, follow the PC/Mac path OR the Chromebook path.  Other pages of the document are the same for both platforms. 

This curriculum starts out with a small subset of the parts in the full Mindstorms kit for easier group management.  The initial parts list is in the Appendix of the worksheet printout.

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