Instructional Material: Getting the Tello Ready

Once you have your Tello in hand, you can download the Tello App. The app will allow you test communications and get an introduction to operating the Tello. The app will also check the firmware version on the drone and allow you to update if needed. The Tello app is an example of a program written to control the drone remotely, very much like the programs you will learn to write. You can find documentation on how to operate the drone in the Tello User Manual found here or the Tello EDU User Manual found here.

You can find the Tello App on Google Play by searching for Tello. There are also links to the app on the manual download pages listed above. Use the manuals and app to familiarize yourself with drone controls and operation. Practice flying the drone with the app..

You can find more Tello resources at the official Tello web site.

Note: Programming the Tello takes a lot trial and error and repeated flying. Having multiple batteries and a charger that can handle multiple batteries is highly recommended.

Note: The basic Tello firmware should be version or later. The Tello EDU firmware should  be or later.

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Middle School
High School
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Computing / Computer Science
Robotics Software
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DJI Tello
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