Instructional Material: Getting Started - Shared PCs


After installing Android Studio for the first user on the PC, for each additional user, log on to that user name and extract a copy of the FTC SDK (ftc_app-master) project to the user's My Documents\FTC Java Projects folder (create if needed). Thus the user will have their own private copy of the SDK they can modify without affecting other users.

Next, run Android Studio. You will want to create a desktop shortcut to the AS executable located in C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\bin.

When each user runs AS the first time, AS will go through it's initial configuration screens. Take the defaults just as on the first install. The result of this will be a private copy of the Android SDK for that user. This means each user will have a duplicate copy of the SDK but will share the single copy of AS. While it is redundant and very space wasteful (2gb) to have a copy of the SDK for each user, getting around this aspect of the SDK installation is difficult if access to folder permissions is restricted, typical in classroom settings. If you can change folder permissions, it is possible to share a single SDK but it is still a complex setup.

When AS prompts for the first project, import the new user's FTC SDK project and complete the Gradle updates as with the first install.