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This is a teacher collaboration site for a STEM course which uses the LEGO® Simple & Motorized Mechanisms Base Set and parallels the Introducing Simple & Motorized Mechanisms and the Advancing with Simple & Motorized Mechanisms Activity Packs.  Also included is a Unit which utilizes the Pneumatics Add-on Set and its associated Pneumatics Activity Pack.

Use the "+" boxes in the Navigation Tree Panel (left-hand side of every page) to quickly navigate the contents of the site.

The Classroom Resources page contains strategies, tips/tricks and resources for running a STEM classroom  based on Simple & Motorized Mechanisms.

The Units and Lessons of the site structure reflect a melding of the "Introducing" and "Advancing" Activity Packs, while the "Pneumatics" content is a separate unit.  Each Unit is broken into Lessons which mirror the individual components of the Activity Packs. 

  • The "Principles" Units are identical between the "Introducing" and "Advancing" Activity Packs, except the "Advancing" lessons contain corresponding math content. 
  • The Activities and Problem Solving Units are different between the "Introducing" and "Advancing" Activity Packs, so Lessons corresponding to "Advancing" have "(AdvSM)" appended to their Lesson names.
  • The Lessons corresponding to Principles, Activities and Problem Solving content from "Pneumatics" are all contained on one Unit.

Registered Teacher_users are welcomed and encouraged to contribute to this site by:

  • Using the "Add Additional Instructional Materials" Wizard to share related instructional resources they have found or created for any Lesson.
  • Using the "Add Additional Assessment" Wizard to share related assessment resources they have found or created for any Lesson
  • Using the "Add Additional Course Level Resources" in the Classroom Resource section add helpful resources or suggestions
  • Rating, Tagging or Commenting upon any resource on the the site.
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K through 5
Middle School
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Robotics Hardware
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