Classroom Resources: Simple & Motorized Mechanisms


Course Level Resources

Definiton of Mechanisms and Machines: This web site from Carnegie Mellon University gives a brief discussion of mechanisms vs machines.
Machines>> Components transmit forces, motion and energy
Mechanisms>> Components move with definitive, relative motion to each other

National Geographic on Lego
This resource: is a video that gives a little history on the Lego factory.

How are Legos made? Where? By whom?
This resource: How are Legos made? Where? By whom?

Inventory PDF for Lego Simple Machines Kit
This resource: This is a PDF containing all of the parts found in the Lego Simple Machines Kit (9686).

6 Simple Machines used in a Pinball Machine
This resource: Article on the 6 Simple Machines used in a Pinball Machine.

Lego Digital Design
This resource: Design Lego creations virtually. Students can download this software for free and use it to create the same machines they make in class.

Museum of Science:Elements of Simple Machines
This resource: Website that covers the simple machines with pictures and words.

Simple Machines Resources
This resource: Website that has a nice variety of simple machines.

First Days of School

This resource: is a contract for students/parents covering the Simple & Powered Machines Kit use and responsibilities.

Student/Parent Syllabus
This resource: is a student/parent syllabus crested for a 7th/8th grade enrichment class at Reeves MS in Olympia, WA by Kate Hudeson. This document is used in the first days of the class to set the scope and expectations for the semester with both students and parents.

Classroom Procedures

Team Effectiveness Evaluation
This resource: attached post-project self-evaluation survey by Colleen Wells (Marshall Middle School, Olympia, WA) may be used periodically to gain confidential student feedback on team dynamics and effectiveness.

Quick Inventory Sheets
This resource: 1:1 scale sheets for a quick kit inventory of most components

Scientific Method Template
This resource: is a template for adapting a Simple and Motorized Mechanism Principle or Activity to an inquiry-based Scientific Method approach. Some teachers prefer this method as an alternative to the supplied student worksheets.

Scientific Method Template (Word - editable)
This resource: The attached Word file is a editable, simple outline for the Scientific Method. This is intended as a supplement for alterntive to the LEGO worksheets for Principles and Activities.

Tips & Tricks: Hardware

LEGO Not-So-Simple Machines

Have a link to an awesome LEGO Machine - add it here.

Seventeen-stage LEGO Ball Contraption
This resource: is a video of an incredible 17 stage ball moving contraption.... Rube Goldberg would be proud!!

Ancient Greek Calculating Machine
This resource: is a video of a LEGO model of an ancient Greek celestial calculator.