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Definiton of Mechanisms and Machines: This web site from Carnegie Mellon University gives a brief discussion of mechanisms vs machines.
Machines>> Components transmit forces, motion and energy
Mechanisms>> Components move with definitive, relative motion to each other

National Geographic on Lego
This resource: is a video that gives a little history on the Lego factory.

How are Legos made? Where? By whom?
This resource: How are Legos made? Where? By whom?

Inventory PDF for Lego Simple Machines Kit
This resource: This is a PDF containing all of the parts found in the Lego Simple Machines Kit (9686).

6 Simple Machines used in a Pinball Machine
This resource: Article on the 6 Simple Machines used in a Pinball Machine.

Lego Digital Design
This resource: Design Lego creations virtually. Students can download this software for free and use it to create the same machines they make in class.

Museum of Science:Elements of Simple Machines
This resource: Website that covers the simple machines with pictures and words.

Simple Machines Resources
This resource: Website that has a nice variety of simple machines.